Handcrafted devices

What do i do here?

Hi all. Welcome in my products info-page. I make an different audio device for musicians. Mainly it is a fx-pedals, amplifiers, combos and speaker cabs for guitar and bass. All of this was made by order.

I do not make any serial device - all devices will makes special for you.

The my main principle - you pay for the components only + as much as do you evaluate a resulting device. You decide how much it cost. Also I will not sell you a simple devices (with several components or mechanical only, like a KillSwitch, or A/B switch, etc) for big price (like some producers).

I try to build a brand, which think about customers. I share schematic and layouts of any my devices - you can do it yourself. And I will help you, if you'll have a questions about build.

On Blog page I will post some interesting things about music electronics, some investigations, interesting schematics, some about my life as bassist, and other stuff about electronic.

Best regards, Efremoff.