PinoHead 50W

Guitar Head Amplifier with great clean sound

I got order from my friend - guitarist of Pinokio Brothers band. He ask me about "amplifier on two EL34 with fat, modern and clean sound". "Ok, will do it for you". And I start working on this amplifier.

I dont had any question about output stage - it is a classic Fender Hot Rod output stage, but on EL34. But I had many ideas about preamp stage.

The preamplifier was built on a rarely seen, but very beautifully sounding three-stage circuit based on normal channel of Fender Twin Reverb. But - I got one triode, which will not used. And I create a input stage based on parallel triodes, with common anode, cathode and grid. Like a input stage on some Matchless amplifier.

I spent much time for find a mode of all gain stage, add a presence on phase inverter before output stage. And I build it.

I got a result, which was need by client - it was a really saturated, powerful clean sound with a high headroom. Also it has a very fat crunch on end of gain pot. It has a master volume for reduce volume. Or you can set a gain pot on center, and using a master volume, get a output stage overgain. It's also sounds very tasty.



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